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Faq for Western Union Money Transfer® service.

“Western Union Financial Services” Inc. is the leading company of money transfer services worldwide. Primarily known for telegraph service, Western Union started to offer electronic money transfer in 1871. There are over 500.000 Western Union agencies in 200 countries worldwide.
Anyone who needs to send money safely and quickly can use Western Union®.
To use Western Union it is not necessary to have a bank account, nor a credit card. For safety circumstances the sender must submit valid identification at all times.
We can send only Euro and Lek from Albania. The receiver will be paid in the currency of the receiving country.
Sending money is easier than ever:- Just go to the nearest agency that offers Western Union Money Transfer and fill out the form “Send Money”. NOTE: This service may not be available in all agencies of  Western Union.
  1. Submit the completed form, the amount that you will send the relevant Receiver information.
  2. Present a valid identification document.
  3. The Western Union Agency operator records your data in the system. The operator will give you a Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) and a copy of the form.
  4. Call the receiver and communicate the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) and the amount sent.
The Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) is a number appointed by the Western Union system which is provided to you by the Western Union operator. It is necessary to control your transaction at all times, even when the transfer is made by phone or internet. You can even check the transaction process via the internet. Click Here The Sender must communicate this number to the Receiver in order for the Receiver to withdraw the money at the nearest agency.
First, make sure that the information provided is complete and accurate if Western Union® will need to contact you. Secondly, you must complete fully and correctly every field of the form. To expedite the process of withdrawing money, communicate to the Recipient the MTCN number.
All Western Union®  transfers in Albania are made in CASH.
In order to find the nearest Western Union location, you can visit the website of Western Union to check Agency locations in Albania and worldwide. You may also call Western Union Customer Services in the country you live and you will immediately be informed about the nearest location. You can also find the nearest agency by clicking here: Google Maps
This is a very simple process:
  1. Just go to the nearest agency of  Western Union, fill out the form “Receive Money” and enter the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN).
  2. Indicate on the form the amount that you will receive, the sender’s name and place where the transaction originated from.
  3. Present a valid identification document.
  4. Within a few minutes Western Union operator will give you the money and a copy of the form “Receive Money”.
Money transfers will normally be paid in cash, but some agents may pay by check or by a combination of both of them. All payments are subject to availability and conditions of the Western Union paying agency. In limited circumstances, transfers of cash payments may be subject to local taxes and / or service fees.
Besides the transfer fees applicable in each transaction, the exchange rate set by Western Union is applied as well. The money and transfer fees that Western Union (or its agents) gain when it exchanges your money in a foreign currency may vary based on the currency of payment you choose. Some Western Union Agents may offer Recipients choosing to withdraw money in a currency different from what you have chosen. In these cases, Western Union (or its agents) can earn extra money when they exchange your funds into the currency selected by the recipient. If you choose a different payment currency, from the currency of the country in which you have sent the money, the currency of payment you choose may not be able at all points of Western Union agents. In such case, the paying agent may pay all or a part of your transfer in the local currency.
Any Western Union Agent sets the schedule according to specific conditions of the country where it operates. However, many agents work extra hours throughout the week and weekend offering convenient schedules.
  • SAFETY: The transfer is protected by a high security system of international standards.
  • SPEED: You can send and/or receive money within minutes.
  • RELIABILITY: The money is paid only to a person designated by you (the Recipient). Western Union also provides that the transfer will be available to be paid or otherwise will sent it back to the sender. For further information you may call the Customer Service Centre.
  • FACILITIES: No need to have a bank account, checks, or deposits. You can use phone or internet. The wide network of Western Union Agencies can be found very easily.
You can find this information in every Western Union location.