Tirana, Albania
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Union Financiar Tiranë

is the sole agent of Western Union Financial Services Inc. for Albania since 1995. UFT operates in Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Croatia and Switzerland, providing fast, safe and reliable financial services. During 29 years of our experience in Albania we have built the widest network of financial services locations throughout the country. Counting more than 700 Unionnet – Western Union locations, we provide all payments in only one stop. Our professional and devoted staff is at your service every day at convenient working hours.

Union Financiar Tiranë has played and continues to have a major role in the Albanian financial sector development and beyond. UFT established Union Bank in 2006, a bank with 100% Albanian principal. Only 6 years later PayLink was founded, a technology and interbanking payment processing company, funded again by UFT 100%. Union Bank and PayLink are only a part of Union Financiar Tiranë portfolio. UFT continues to contribute and support other initiatives for development.


Receiving money safely and quickly is easier now with over 500.000 Western Union® locations worldwide. Transactions are even easier and quicker to make now, without the need to complete the form.


You can send money safely and quickly with Western Union®Money TransferSM from over 500.000 Western Union® locations worldwide.


You can make all payments in just one stop at our wide Unionnet – Western Union locations network, as: OSHEE, Water Consumption, ALBtelecom, Digicom, Union Bank, Iute Credit bills payment; Traffic Offences Fines, TV and Internet bills, etc.

Union Bank has been operating since January 2006, upon obtaining the license issued by the Bank of Albania for banking activities in the Republic of Albania.
Union Bank was established as a private bank with 100% Albanian capital funded by Union Financiar Tiranë, one of the most successful institutions in the Albanian financial system.

The values and positive impact that UFT has on its customers enabled Union Bank to widen the branch network very quickly all over Albania, opening 31 new branches in 3 years’ period becoming obviously the favorite choice for the Albanian client.

Today, Union Bank is an Albanian bank with UFT as the main shareholder. Part of the shares belong to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

PayLink is a technology and payment processing company in the banking financial market. The strategic focus is in providing payment processing and cost-effective personalized services in a timely manner; innovative products such as debit and credit cards, prepaid cards; virtual solutions; and e-commerce.

PayLink utilizes the most advanced, flexible and innovative systems in the global market fulfilling the customer needs.

PayLink was established in 2012 by UFT being the only shareholder.